Explore the Colorful World of Curious Li'l Lilli

Shhh, hear the light

"A colorful book that inspires one to explore the world around, 
knowing that you are not alone after all"
- Rich Brimer, Illustrator

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The curious story behind Li’l Lilli’s story

Rich had one of his linoleum block prints—a sheep looking at the viewer — hanging in his studio in Carmel, CA. When Karlene saw this little lamb staring at her, she imagined a story of a curious little lamb that captured her heart. After some days went by, she went back to see Rich to share her idea of having him create a new series of linoleum block prints to illustrate a new children’s book which would go along with a story that she had begun writing. With this, the two artists set off to begin what would be a 3-year collaboration to make this wonderful story about a little black-faced lamb named Li’l Lilli and the faithful Shepherd who always brings his lost sheep back into the fold. We hope you enjoy sharing this story with many children in your lives.